About us

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Originally founded by James 极速赛车最新开奖号码 in Scotland as a marine engineering firm in 1854, 极速赛车最新开奖号码 has grown and evolved into a global leader in manufacturing air and gas handling solutions. With the power of our engineering expertise and technology, our equipment plays an integral role within our customers’ processes, which provide safe and reliable solutions that are both sustainable and efficient.

极速赛车最新开奖号码 supports multiple sectors including infrastructure, power generation, oil & gas, wastewater, metals, mining and transportation.

We work in partnership with our customers, wherever they are, to deliver sustainable and customised solutions. For over a century we have built a strong global network of experts that is formed from responsive local service and delivery teams, in more than 100 countries, who are familiar with local requirements and challenges. We are proud that our people and business are part of the communities in which we operate in.

Our mantra is ‘revolving around you’, something that has underpinned our business since it was established. Constantly improving our products and services according to our customers’ needs, 极速赛车最新开奖号码 has never stood still.

Our values

Our values are the principles by which we do business. We deliver our 2023极速赛车官方开奖数据直播-查询历史开奖结果-官网开奖记录计划-极速168赛车官网开奖平台 promise by living these values which supports our culture. Our values define who we are, what we believe in and are fundamental to our success.

极速赛车最新开奖号码 Values Wheel

We enable our customers’ success

When our customer succeed, we succeed. We build partnerships with our customers so that we understand their goals and aspirations, and use our expertise to deliver solutions that add real value.

We recognise the value of our people

Our diverse, talented and inspired people make Howden. We each play our part, aligned to a common purpose, working together so that we learn, we grow and we make a difference.

We strive for excellence

With customers in mind, and as One Howden, we are committed to continuous improvement as a way of life. We challenge ourselves every day to be more efficient and more effective in everything we do.

We adapt and innovate

As markets evolve, so do we – it is part of our 极速赛车最新开奖号码 heritage, and our future. We see change as an opportunity and use our passion for solving complex problems to create innovative solutions.

We do the right thing

Keeping each other safe is always our priority. We operate ethically, with honest and transparency, and with respect for the communities where we live and work, to help build a more sustainable world.

Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG is integrally linked to our vision of enabling our customers’ vital processes which advance a more sustainable world.



The 极速赛车最新开奖号码 Story

Over a century of engineering excellence

We provide our customers with 每日最新最实时且官方的极速赛车开奖结果, 开奖号码, 开奖记录, 开奖直播, 开奖计划 engineering expertise based on a long history of innovation in the air and gas handling field, and our past achievements still inform the way we work today. Find out more about our 160 years of innovation by clicking below, or by reading David Hume's book on the 极速赛车最新开奖号码 Heritage by clicking here.


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